Selina A. Bell, Rev., MSP, CHI

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I'm Selina Bell. I am Research Psychologist, speaker, problem solver, business owner, mom, and wife.  I was a military wife for 15 years until my husband retired in 2015. 

My Story
In 2008 my husband was on his second deployment as a combat line medic, life was falling apart for us as he continued to suffer with symptoms of PTSD. After years of trying all the traditional treatments and classes the military had to offer I set out to find a treatment that actually worked. In 2011 I developed a treatment program for Combat PTSD that worked in 3 sessions. What I mean by worked is the symptoms stopped and life got back to normal in three weeks. Since then I have worked with soldier, civilians, and groups to use this program and get life back on track, and to make a good life great. 

My family
Military Ball
This is my husband and kids. Our son Cody graduates high school 2017. Our daughter Annie who is 16. Ed my husband, and me. 
Our last military ball before retirement.
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