Selina A. Bell, Rev., MSP, CHI

Business Stress Management 
My stress management seminar is a highly interactive program that teaches the audience the tools and skills they need to control stress in their professional and personal life. When stress is managed employees are more creative, productive, and happier. When employees have usable tools and knowledge that can be applied immediately after the seminar.
My team also offer support after the seminar for employees and management to assure success. 
Veterans in the Work Place Seminar
Law Enforcement and First Responce Seminar
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Speaking Topics
​I create seminars that meet the needs of the business and group I am working with. We teach individuals and groups of all kinds the skills and tools to achieve their goals.
These tools include how to instantly control emotions, release negative emotions instantly, conflict resolution, critical thinking skills, increase positive thoughts, memory retention, and how to improve mental focus. 
Veterans are a huge assets to any company as employees. They also come with a unique set of issues as employees.  This seminar is created to address those unique challenges that veterans face in the work place. It teaches usable skills and tools to cope with daily stress in their personal and professional life. These skills will help them be better employees for the company.
This seminar is designed to help those who serve and protect the public deal with the unique stress that they encounter daily, and help prevent the onset of compound PTSD from the daily life and work. I teach them the tools and skills they can apply immediately after the seminar to reduce the long and short term stress of their careers.  
​This seminar is geared for patrol officers, detectives, correction officers, dispatch, fire fighters, EMT/Paramedics, and ER workers.

Dr, D.B. Jones- After taking her seminar my stress level dropped dramatically. These are skills everyone person should learn and apply daily. 

David B. - This program saved my life.  The PTSD symptoms I was having stopped that day and haven't returned.

Matt B. - I didn't know how much stress I was under until I took this seminar. I applied the tools and skills she taught and it changed my life. I had the confidence to apply for a promotion and got it three weeks after taking this seminar.